I'm a UX/UI Designer (aspiring Product Designer) with over 7 years of experience. My work typically involves closely interacting with users, product owners, developers to understand needs, aspiration and constraints on the given problem. and to come up with a practical design solution, with a combination of thoroughly thought through strategy, interaction and delightful visuals

I have worked in a variety of projects across sectors ranging from automobiles, customer support, resource management, media to e-commerce.

Companies that i’ve worked so for

Things i like

game of thrones, world movies, wwe rock, calvin & hobbes, farming, boots, beach, yogurt, breaking bad, dark beer, meditation, house of cards, system of down, eminem, briyani, medium, country side, remote cars, guseppi tornatore, rajini kanth, grand theft auto, max payne, driving, 9gag, youtube, portraits, & a lot of other stuffs