Next generation vehicle diagnostic and measurement softwareAge old tools with a fresh breath of new interaction which brings clarity, simplicity and a better experience in the most chaotic environment.Interaction Design    |    Visual Design

The back story

I worked as a UX designer along with a Design lead, junior designer and a Prototyper, the objective is to re-design the existing 20-year-old vehicle diagnostic software, which the technician's use to figure out the problem in a car, the software is a combination of four different tools which are clubbed together, which brings down the time taken to find out the fault in the car/part accurately.


I joined the project when it was in ideation phase, after analyzing and understanding the data found from the user research, I worked along with the team to kick start the design phase and to completion of the tool.

Approaching the problem


We took the existing MTS4100 As a base and we designed the new software from ground up. our goal was to design the software in a way that it's always easy to toggle between different available tools, the information which is needed should always be upfront without any clutter, and an experience which is suitable for the novice and expert users.

Iterative Design

we separated the research into two parts, the first part is to understand the basic user needs and the environmental influence and how the whole ecosystems is connected and works, and the second part of research started along with the design phase, this helped us to understand the functionalities and capabilities of the tool better, the design went to through extensive iteration along with the customer and user feedback at every stage.


Vibration Analyzer

Digital Multimeter

Signal Generator



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