Well designed solution to solve customer queries swiftly and efficiently We designed a web application to help Bosch Service Center solve customer queries, without having to extensively search through different Bosch Websites.User Research    |    Interaction Design    |    Visual Design

The back story

Bosch Service Solutions takes care of customer interactions with Bosch. As a company Bosch is vast and they are into various businesses which are spread across continents and Bosch Service Solutions acts as a one point contact for all of Bosch. The service facility has presence across six different countries and supports customer queries from different mediums

Defining the problem

There are multiple ways to contact Bosch and the primary contact mediums are call, email and social. Currently, the call center agents use three different applications to solve queries in different medium. Apart from answering calls, replying emails. and responding on social media, the agents have to fill "taxonomy", which is an official transcript of the every query they have solved. Taxonomy carries information like - who was the customer, which country did the query come from and which department did the customer want to contact, what was their problem, and what was the solution suggested

Understanding the user

We conducted user research in one of the service centers which is located in Liverpool, the users were chosen based on the type of work they do - Expert, Agents and Admin. We talked to them, understood their workflow and their pain-points. We shadowed them while they were answering queries and this gave us a clear understanding about the medium which we are going to work on and the areas which need significant improvement.


What we found

All the departments in Bosch had their own FAQs and the central service center acted as a central exchange - where the executive would connect them, after a really long search, to the appropriate department. The search was manual and tedious because of lack of clear cut information and this in turn increased the time taken to close the request.


We realized that a simple ticketing management system won't work, what they needed was a solution which effectively combines a search system with a structured knowledge base which helps them to solve the query in an effective manner along with a better management module for the admins to monitor the overall efficiency

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